Top 7 Useful Features of an Online Stock Trading App


There is a range of online trading applications created for individual investors in the brokerage app sector. Some apps provide simple trading activities, such as stock buying and selling, while others provide comprehensive research tools and marketplaces. Some apps focus on giving users with trading tips, whereas others offer overall market data. Some apps are geared toward novice traders, while others are geared toward more experienced traders. The platform offers a wide range of tools to do research, evaluate market volatility, and place trades through the features of an online brokerage app. Users may also have access to educational tools such as tutorials and Questions on the platform to assist them to become better traders. Below is the list that mentions the most useful features a best stock trading app should have:

1. Charts can aid in the decision-making process: several chart types can be used to assess market circumstances.

2. Stocks can be bought and sold quickly, thanks to advanced order placement options like brackets and covers, after-market orders (AMO), and more.

3. Keeps you informed about the pricing of your favourite stocks: Includes market updates and keeps you informed about occurrences that could cause stock values to fluctuate. Show Intraday charts and the reports of past actions.

4. A mobile application that is simple to use and keeps the statement of online fund transfer.

5. Enables trading via Mobile Phones, iPAD, and Tablets: Trading on the Stock Exchange with Cash (Delivery), Equity Derivatives Trading is a type of financial derivatives trading that involves the trading (F&O), Investing in Currency Derivatives (F&O)

6. Keeps your portfolio diverse and low-cost: Using modest cases, you can develop a diversified, moderate portfolio. Select from a variety of portfolios that have already been created.

7.Take a look at the holdings in your demat account.

The share market trading app should also have a brokerage calculator so that the users get to understand and analyse their brokerage cost and expenditures.

What is the brokerage calculator?

A brokerage calculator is a tool that can help investors in making informed investing choices. It employs a number of patented algorithms to assist you in determining an asset’s estimated value. It allows you to calculate how much commission you’ll pay when buying and selling stocks on the stock exchange. This is a fantastic tool for everyone who seeks to figure out how much money they can make by investing. The brokerage calculator is available on the Kotak Securities online stock trading app and their users can take benefits of it.

Uses of the Brokerage Calculator Online

With the help of their matching algorithm, the brokerage calculator online will be used to calculate the cost and profit of different investment products. With the criteria supplied, it generates a hypothetical picture of how your portfolio might have done if you had invested a specific amount in the fund or product. Investors often use the brokerage calculator online to forecast their future returns. The compound interest formula can be used to estimate the return on investment, and the return on investment can be computed over a specified timeframe using the results over a period of specific years table. The Brokerage Calculator by Kotak Securities is also used to estimate the amount of brokerage to be paid before a trade. Service costs, trading fees, SEBI business fees, GST, and Securities Consumption Tax.