Maximize Your Instagram Presence: Optimize Your Post Schedule with Social Media Scheduling Tools


How to Increase Your Instagram Presence

Instagram presently has 200 million monthly active users, according to Our SocialTimes. They also claim that 60 million photographs are submitted to Instagram every day, with 1.6 billion likes.

According to Our SocialTimes, Instagram engagement rates are 15 times greater than Facebook and 20 times higher than Twitter.

It’s no surprise that more firms are flocking to the platform!

According to the Pew Research Center, 55% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29, so if your target audience falls into that age range, your competitors are using the platform, and your target customer is actively engaged, these are just a few of the reasons you should consider creating an Instagram presence.

Post Schedule Instagram:

Before you dive in, these recommendations can help you increase your Instagram presence and provide you with ideas for establishing and structuring an Instagram strategy:

1. Create and publicize contests

As a startup or established company just getting started on Instagram, hosting competitions is a great approach to gaining new followers and piquing their interest in your product or service.

Of course, there are many things that go into creating an Instagram contest, such as creating terms and conditions (and having them approved by your legal or marketing team), creating graphics, possibly getting influencers on board, using Instagram ads to promote it, and getting users to enter. Still, the most important thing to focus on first is the purpose of your promotion/contest.

Creating and advertising an Instagram contest may assist you in establishing your brand character, building an active following, and increasing reach.

Don’t make the battle a one-and-done affair.

Consider rewarding participants with additional entries for reposting or tagging your brand on their own accounts. Be inventive!

Increase your reach and maximize your Instagram investment and contest efforts.

2. Make use of Instagram Ads

The goal of using Instagram advertisements is to reach your target client more effectively, whether you are marketing a contest, a product or service sale, a grand opening event, an influencer post, or any piece of compelling content.

Begin with tiny budgets and then increase them when you see results from a specific targeting approach. Keep a close eye on your ROI.

Location, age, gender, languages, hobbies, habits, demographics, and links to other accounts may all be used to target audiences.

Furthermore, since Facebook and Instagram are linked, you may make dual use of your ad spend by promoting your content on both networks if you so want.

3. Change Your Instagram Profile to Instagram for Business

Even if you are not yet a verified profile, switching your Instagram account from a personal profile to a business profile can help you create your reputation and credibility as a brand.

Furthermore, by changing to an Instagram for Business profile, you have access to Instagram Analytics. This will provide you with important information on your following, engagement and activity levels, best publishing times, and more.

You also provide your followers and customers more opportunities to contact you by creating an Instagram for Business profile.

For example, after you switch, you will see a contact button right on your profile where you may enter your company contact email address (as opposed to just having users DM you).

4. Make use of Instagram tools

There is a wide range of tools available to you, from analytic tools to publishing tools to follower-building tools.

However, be aware of follower-building techniques. You do not want your account to be terminated because you are employing bots. You should constantly attempt to build a genuine Instagram following, whether through marketing, diverting website visitors to your Instagram page, or other efficient means.

Grum, Hootsuite, and Buffer are some Instagram publishing tools, whereas SquareLovin, Cyfe, and Kissmetrics are some analytics systems. There are other options available to you, so do your homework to determine what is best for you…

Finally, Viral Upgrade is recommended by Forbes for Instagram follower growth services.

5. Use and Avoid Abusing Hashtags

In general, companies should utilize two to three hashtags in each post. Whether they are common hashtags among their target demographic or brand hashtags, they must be consistent and relatable.

When it comes to hashtags, it’s very straightforward. Using too many may appear to be spam. Concentrate on these to attract the ideal followers to your profile and make it easier for them to locate you.

What is the definition of a social media scheduling tool?

Social media scheduling tools allow you to schedule certain social media account posts to go live at specific times and days.

According to Pew Research, 63% of American users check Instagram at least once every day. And Instagram isn’t the only site that receives everyday traffic.

As shown in the graph below, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube all have at least 50% of their audience coming at least once every day, if not more.

To reach potential consumers, you’ll need to post schedule Instagram regularly and consistently.

However, it is not only about the number of postings.

The timing of a social media post may have a significant influence on how well it works. Several companies have conducted studies to determine the ideal time to publish on each network.

For example, the optimal time to post on Twitter is between 6 and 9 a.m. PST on weekdays. As a result, posting frequency is something to consider when arranging your timetable. Titktok’s optimal posting times are 11 a.m. EST on Thursdays, 8 a.m. EST on Tuesdays, and 4 a.m. EST on Fridays. This means that blogging between these times will help you reach a larger audience.
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