How Professionals are Using ChatGPT


Watch out, Google. A new player has emerged. While you’ve heard this in the past, this time, you should take it seriously. The new player is known as Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer).It’s a large learning model whose focus is language. It’s able to use its combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and huge amounts of informationto have a “conversation” with users. Many local SEO professionals are using this to their advantage already in several different ways.

Creating Content

Many businesses find it difficult to create great content to use in their local SEO efforts. While this can be done for you, AI isn’t ready to write lengthy content like blog posts for you yet. This is especially true when you look at Google’s view of AI. They consider it to be spam, which violates their guidelines. In fact, their algorithms can identify this content and then penalize you for using it. What you can use Chat GPT for is brainstorming and creating content that you use in things likeemail pitches, social media posts, ad copy, and landing page copy that’s used for PPC.

Keyword Research and Analysis

With Chat GPT, keyword research for local SEO becomes quite easy. You can simply give the chatbot a few keywords and ask it to give you more. These keywords are given to you based on your understanding of search results. It’s also useful in helping you determine various keywords’ competition.

Generating Titles for Use in Local SEO

Titles, especially those used for SEO, are one of the most challenging things to write. Frequently, they come across as dry and boring. However, with Chat GPT, you can get a list of interesting options to choose from. Using one of them is bound to be more enticing than something that’s been overused.

Developing a Content Strategy

Chat GPT will provide you with a basic content strategy. From there, you can ask it to dig deeper into each point until it becomes more detailed. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have a high-level set of tactics for content to use in your specific field. You should use caution here, though, because your competition may choose to do the same thing, which would mean everyone would be creating the same type of content.

Getting a Better Understanding of Search Intent

This is probably the most interesting SEO-related potential. While this is something that Google can also do, they’re actually taking your query and trying to give you an answer for it. On the other hand, Chat GPT will take your query and improve it. These are only a few of the many ways your business can benefit here.

Composing and Managing Analytics Reports

Many marketers find reports and spreadsheets to be the bane of their existence. Nevertheless, this data is vital to proving that their effortsare working. With AI,all of these things become easier. Additionally, you’ll benefit in a few other ways as well. For instance, you maybe able to find some new marketing opportunities that you would have likely missed otherwise, or if you struggle with using Excel, AI can parse the data for you.

The Final Verdict

Chat GPT is still new, but it already looks cool, and there are many signs that indicate it is only getting better from here. It shows the potential of helping local SEO get faster and more efficient. At Local SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL, we’re keeping up with these changes so we can quickly pass them on to our customers. If you’d like to stay ahead of your competition, make sure you enlist our help today.