5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Securing Your Website


While digitization has resulted in many businesses creating an online presence and launching a website, there has been a corresponding rise in the number of cyber-attacks too. When you buy a website hosting service, the host takes certain security measures to keep the server protected. 

However, as a site owner, you need to make sure that there are no loopholes in your website that a hacker can exploit. There are various tools that can help you keep your site secure, like SiteLock Security. 

The following video lists the top benefits of using SiteLock:

SiteLock is a premium tool that offers a range of benefits to websites. However, is it worth investing in site security? 

Today, we will share five reasons why you should invest in securing your website.

1: Data Protection

When you launch a website, you manage a lot of user data. This can be personally identifiable information like the user’s personal details, financial information like credit card or bank account details, or other technical information about the user’s device. If your site gets hacked, then the hacker can gain unauthorized access to this data and cause havoc. By investing in a tool like SiteLock, you can scan for security vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers and take corrective action.

2: Downtime 

Hackers infect a site for various reasons. However, once they are in, they can restrict access to your site and cause havoc. While you can try to restore it as soon as you can, there can be downtime. If you are having an online store or a business where every second is important, then such downtimes can lead to financial losses. SiteLock Security uses a firewall as the first line of defense against online attacks apart from the other security measures. This keeps bot-based attacks at bay and lays the foundation of a secure site.

3. Penalties

In recent years, most countries around the world have announced stringent online security laws to help people feel secure in the digital space. These laws typically make websites responsible to ensure that user data is secure. Any security lapse is met with fines and penalties. Depending upon the size of the breach, the penalty can be large enough to cripple a small business. Hence, focusing on website security is crucial.

4. Brand Image

If you visit a website 3-4 times over a month and find security issues on every visit, will you be comfortable visiting it again? Usually, online users have a very low tolerance for sites with regular security issues. Also, users are vociferous about such issues online, warning other users to stay away too. Over time, this can impact the brand image. When you use SiteLock Security, a trust seal I displayed on the website that works as a visual indicator of the fact that the site is free of viruses and malware today. This can go a long way in boosting the brand image with respect to site security.

5: Drop in SEO ranking

Search engines don’t like websites that have regular security issues. In fact, most search engines have security lapses as a parameter while determining the page rank of a site in the search engine results pages. If your site is frequently down due to security breaches, then you can lose crucial SEO points and experience a drop in rankings.

Summing Up

As you can see, SiteLock Security is a site security tool that offers a range of benefits to help in website protection. While there are various SiteLock plans that come at a small price, the benefits derived by using tools like it can help protect your business against unwanted strain and financial losses. Hence, don’t compromise when thinking of site security and use the best tools available to you.