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Globalization and Society Globalization is a process of global society order that knows no boundaries. Globalization is essentially a process from which ideas are raised, then offered to be followed by other nations which eventually arrive at a point of mutual agreement and become a common guideline for nations around the world. Buy iPhone 12 is one form of technological development and globalization of the world.

The influence of globalization, nowadays, cannot be denied because of the many technological advances that have entered our country and nation. Not a few technologies have entered, such as: computers and those that have been equipped so that they can be internet, television, radio, cellphone and many others. Because there is so much competition that there are also many technologies that are increasing day by day, especially in developed countries, they can produce products every day. Even to family life, such as radio, cellphone, and what is familiar, namely television. Television, almost all circles of family life have this object. Because television is not only interesting, television can also provide various information, knowledge, and entertainment. With television we can know the life of various countries. Television has many channels / waves, so the owner can choose the program that he wants, because he has separate programs for each wave.

According to Krisna’s opinion (The Influence of Globalization on Human Cultural Pluralism in Developing Countries, Internet, Public Journal, September 2005). As a process, globalization takes place through two dimensions in the interaction between nations, namely the dimensions of space and time. Space is narrowed more and more and time is shortened in interaction and communication on a world scale. Globalization takes place in all spheres of life such as ideology, politics, economy, socio-culture, defense and security and others.

Information and communication technology is a major supporting factor in globalization. Nowadays, the development of technology is so fast that all information with various forms and interests can be spread widely throughout the world. Therefore, globalization cannot be avoided. The presence of globalization certainly has an impact on the life of a country. This influence includes two sides, namely positive influence and negative influence. The influence of globalization in various fields of life such as political life, economy, ideology, socio-culture and others will affect the values ​​of nationalism towards the nation.

The influence of globalization on the life of society and the state, both positive and negative, are as follows, the first can be seen from the aspect of political globalization, government is run openly and democratically, because government is part of a country. If the government is run honestly, cleanly and dynamically, it will certainly get a positive response from the people. The positive response in the form of identity to the country has increased and public confidence will support what is done by the government. Second, from the aspect of economic globalization, the opening of international markets, increasing employment opportunities and increasing foreign exchange earnings of a country. With this, it will improve the economic life of the nation which can support national life and will reduce the poor life or poverty rate in a country .