Is Artificial Intelligence Getting Emotional As Well?


Human beings are different from other species not just because of higher intelligence but because of deeper and multifaceted emotions as well. In fact, emotions have bigger control over human undertakings which is often not given as much importance as it deserves. Our rational thinking often fail to assess the huge role played by emotions in all human undertakings.

When we give so much value to the recent fad of artificial intelligence as machines are increasingly getting smarter by learning from human actions, we often compare machine intelligence with human intelligence while completely missing the fact that the later is practically not possible without a strong emotion guiding the intellectual faculties. In case of human intelligence is through and through intertwined with emotions and that make us human. Ironically speaking, machine’s intelligence will be artificial as long as it cannot be emotional as well.  So, for the artificial intelligence of machines to become more humanely and big it needs to have the power of emotions.

What’s really happening out there with latest data repository of human emotions? Is really artificial intelligence of machines showing signs to take the next big leap? Is the still less audible buzz about emotional intelligence of machines is already in the making? Well, in the length of this short post we will try to find the latest developments and promises in this regard.

From AI To Emotional AI: How Big Is The Leap?

Artificial intelligence has already encompassed our life in all respects. From smart web browser that learns from our browsing history before suggesting results to smart gadgets behaving and making interactions easier as per the user schedule, preferences and habits, we have at least a little bit of AI in any damn thing we do.

But these smart gadgets that learn from user behaviour and preference so quickly just do not have any clue about our emotional expressions. They just cannot know whether we are angry or sad or joyful or just walking on the air with the joy of a newfound love. Just because they stop understanding us at the door of human emotions, they fail to make us engaged and interested at times.

But just as machines learn from our behaviour pattern through a data reserve of all kinds of activities that are further put to analytics, our emotional expressions however big a variety they offer can be registered in a data repository with concrete meaning for each subtle expression. When emotional expressions become data with a diverse set of meaning and significance machines can learn how to react to each such emotion. Sounds too futuristic? Take a breath and know that already the largest repository of emotional data has been made and in doing so 5.2 million faces in 75 countries have been studied.

The Promise Of Emotional AI Ahead?

This new horizon of technology has groundbreaking possibilities in the world of business. Globally, hundreds of brands are already taking active help from latest technology to understand consumer behaviour, responses to their campaigns and consumer moods. With the emotion database already present, in future software developer kits (SDK) this new database and algorithm to assess emotions can be embedded. Thus, companies and businesses can actually drive more customised campaigns and services to address emotions in different ways.

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