All You Need To Know About Cloud Hosting Security


As humans, we always tend to find comfort in the familiar and look at anything new or unfamiliar with suspicion. It is true, especially when it concerns our business. When Cloud Hosting was introduced, it met with a lot of scepticism as site owners were not comfortable storing their critical data on a server that they didn’t control. Over time, the acceptance grew, and Cloud Hosting evolved into one of the most preferred web hosting in India. Today, we are here to talk about security in Cloud Hosting and answer a frequently asked question – is Cloud Hosting secure?

Is Cloud Hosting Secure?

While migrating to a Cloud Hosting setup, most site owners who have always used a single server to host their website and store their data can feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. The apparent loss of control can be overwhelming. However, with most web hosting providers offering transparency with their Cloud Hosting plans, site owners have complete control over their site and data. Here are some things that you need to know about Cloud Hosting security:

  1. Like any other hosting service, Cloud Hosting providers use the latest security tools like antimalware and antivirus software to identify security threats and tackle them.
  2. Cloud Hosting providers also configure a firewall to ensure that they can spot a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack before it causes chaos on the website. They also ensure that such attacks are blocked immediately.
  3. Site owners have the option of availing fully managed services where a team of experts takes care of the security of the site by scanning it for security loopholes and patching them before a hacker exploits them
  4. One of the best features of Cloud Hosting is data mirroring. By design, Cloud Hosting ensures that there are simultaneous versions of your website available on multiple servers by mirroring your site’s data. It works as a fantastic security net, adding redundancy and security to your site.
  5. Lastly, most Cloud Hosting providers offer daily automated backups to ensure that you have the latest working copy of your website at all times. Hence, if all the security measures fail and the site gets infected, you can restore a working version in no time. While we always recommend site owners to take a backup of their site on a local drive, this feature makes Cloud Hosting more secure.

Remember, while Cloud Hosting can offer a highly secure hosting environment, the Cloud Hosting provider must ensure that the right security protocols are put in place to optimize the security of websites hosted on the cloud.

Summing Up

Site security is the most critical aspect of a web hosting service. A site that has regular security issues loses business, brand reputation, and doesn’t bode well with search engines too. Hence, before you start looking for the best Cloud Hosting plan for your site, ensure that you conduct thorough research and focus on the security measures deployed by the host to protect your site. Consider all aspects and choose the plan wisely. Good Luck!