Advantages & Disadvantages of Electronic Devices


The number of electronic devices in the average home is growing every day. Computers are all the rage nowadays, and this technology is now available in smaller devices, such as smartphones and tablets. These electronic devices are our main source of entertainment in the modern era, but is this a good thing?

There is plenty of debate to have around electronic devices, so let’s get into it. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of electronic devices.

Advantage: Education

A young mind is easily malleable, and it is the stimulus that surrounds you that forms the growing mind. The more stimulus you give to a child, the easier it becomes for them to learn. In the past, children from deprived areas fell behind in education due to a lack of opportunities; however, newer electronics now feature an array of educational materials in one place.

Therefore, a child can use these electronics to learn listening skills with a music app, creativity with visual stimuli, and improve their hand-eye coordination with video games. This means that modern electronics can streamline the education process so that it is fairer for everyone.

Advantage: Price

Electronics used to be some of the most expensive products on the market. When calculators were first introduced, they came with a staggering $80 price tag, which meant that only a select few could afford the latest electronics. However, this technology is now in everyone’s pocket for free.

This availability is one of the reasons why electronics are sold at the lowest prices they have ever been. The idea of shopping for electronics at your local mall is now a reality. Almost everyone can afford the same technology now, which means that electronics are now more inclusive.

Disadvantage: Change In Lifestyle

The introduction of some electronics has increased our quality of life. almost everything can now be delivered to your door, which means that you have time to do all the things you love. Unfortunately, these advances in technology have also led us to lead a more sedentary lifestyle.

With everything available at the push of a button, people are less likely to go outside and exercise. This means that there is a likelihood that people’s health will decrease over time due to this change in lifestyle.

Disadvantage: Social Interaction

The main purpose of smartphones is to bring us closer together with several new communication methods. While you can now talk to someone on the other side of the globe in real-time, people are spending less time outside and talking with others face-to-face. It is too soon to provide conclusive evidence of the decline in social skills, it is still a real concern. Therefore, a key disadvantage of modern electronics is that they reduce our ability to communicate effectively with those around us.


Electronics can have a positive influence on your life, but only in moderation. The common disadvantages of these electronics only come with excess use of these devices, so make sure that you are living a balanced life and you will be fine to use all of the electronics you want.